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We offer Shabbat products and services that comply with Halacha (Jewish law) for individuals who require the use of electronic devices and equipment on Shabbat due to medical necessity.



Patient care

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Note: Some products listed on this site are installed by an authorized dealer; we just supply the Shabbos Mode.Some content  on this site may be general information that may not be up to date. Please Contact Us for further assistance, comments, or suggestions. Thank You!

K-Lift™ Series 

Lift Systems

Shabbos Stair Lift Systems

Shabbat Stairlift

Shabbos Vertical Platform Lift Systems

Shabbos Platform Lift

Shabbos Pneumatic Lifts

K-Mobility™  Series

Mobility and Assistive devices

Shabbos Scooters

Check out our full line of premium Shabbat Scooters with our proprietary, Kosher certified Shabbat Controller. Available Nationwide.

Nationwide shipping, personal delivery, and one-on-one training available.

We also convert existing scooters!

Shabbos Lift Chairs

Contact us for compatibility information.

K-Luft™ Series

Medical Equipment

Shabbos Nebulizers  

Shabbos Nebulizer

Shabbos CPAP Machines  

Shabbos Suction Machines

K-Alert™  Series

Nurse Alert Systems

Specialized Nurse Call Systems

Coming Soon!

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