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         We are the sole developers for custom Shabbat Mode Technologies in the USA.

                     All of our Shabbat Mode products are in accordance with Halacha / Jewish law.

                                    We are under the constant guidance of prominent Rabbis.


Our most popular products:

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K-Lift Vertical Platform Lift Shabbos Mode System

K-Luft Shabbos Mode Nebulizer System

K-Lift Stair Lift Series:

Shabbat-enabled stair lifts.

Easy to use Shabbat Mode for new or existing installations.

Compatible with all popular brands including:                   Acorn, Stannah, Bruno, Brooks, Handicare, Harmar, and more.



K-Lift Platform Lift Series:

Shabbat-enabled wheelchair vertical platform lifts.

Shabbat Mode indoor or outdoor lifts. For new or existing installations.

Specializing in Bruno VPLs. (Other brands available upon request)

K-Luft Nebulizer Series:

Shabbat-enabled Nebulizer System.

NOW available with our all new GramaLesstm System.

Enables the on-demand use of nebulizers without the need for a G’rama.

Custom timers and intervals available



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Not all of our products and services are listed yet.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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